Captivate Photography | Senior Portrait Guide



Is it even possibly here?

Yes! You're finally coming up on your senior year, or maybe you've already started! Congratulations on an amazing journey! One of the key elements of your senior year is to commemorate this time with senior portraits. Captivate Photography offers a variety of options for senior sessions, and a huge list of locations that are sure to be original. Here's what you'll want to keep in mind as you plan for your portrait day: 

What to wear? 

While there are many approaches to wardrobe, we suggest that you choose a style uniquely you - wear what makes you happy! If you're very casual, and you tend to be uncomfortable in more formal or dressy attire, then embrace your comfort zone and go for a fun combination of jeans and casual shirts. You can step up the look by adding layers, patterns and textures - play with your favorite colors and see what you come up with! Or, if you would like some help, ask us! We are here for you and can offer personalized advice, as well as connect you with a wardrobe specialist. It's ok to ask! This is your year, and it can look however you want it to! 

Getting ready:

The most important thing that you can do in preparation for your shoot is to get plenty of sleep the night before! It's a busy time of your life and that can be challenging! But, really make an effort to be well rested for your session - it will pay off in the end! Similarly, being ready early and putting aside plenty of time to travel and get ready also lends to a more relaxed, natural and FUN day. 

Are you considering makeup for your session? This can be just as much a part of a senior girls' presentation for her portraits as what she wears! If you've never considered it before, this might be the time to think about a makeup artist! Remember, you're beautiful no matter what! But if you'd like a little extra pampering for your day, we can work with you and our hair and makeup consultants so you can rest easy that you will look your absolute best! 


We can take care of this! But, if you have that one spot that really speaks to you or reflects who you are, we can meet there, too! Think about your childhood and your high school years - are there special places that would really speak to your personal style? Maybe an old, rustic barn or a downtown bridge or a classic garden? Keep it simple, but the location can totally set the mood of your shoot and is an important element to consider! 



We can take care of all the decisions for you and your family! These are just guidelines and your special day will be just that - a personally designed portrait experience that you can remember always and can cherish the photographs from this amazing time. Inquire for our customizable packages just for our seniors!